• Joseph Shapiro

Customer Acquisition Strategy for the Fastest Growing Startup

When you’re a negotiator and grinding all day long in a sweat and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, you have a feeling that there must be another way to position yourself on the market and separate from the competition. In this course you will learn how to attract potential buyers and build a successful real estate sales process.

The main problem these days when it comes to sales is that everyone is now using the same approach to be the best, but this strategy will never work. In this course you will learn everything you need to know to succeed in building a strong brand using modern digital marketing techniques and develop strong prospecting skills which will help you to acquire more customers for your business every single month.

Without a deep knowledge on how to achieve goals you’re dreaming of - no one can become a top performer. If you want to become better closer and don’t know where to start - this course is for you. If you remember that moment when you’re standing in front of a prospect and he is telling you that he will probably come back to you after he looks up at you, but you know one hundred percent that it will never happen? This feeling is a common one to every entrepreneur or a sales specialist who was not able to uncover his potential yet. We can see how all these buyers are going away in front of our eyes but we’re not able to catch them. Why does it happen to you all the time you will ask?

But the truth is very simple, all these successful closers who were able to hop on these deals with buyers already established the precise sales process before. For some of them it took years to build confidence from scratch with no previous experience, that’s why they are so successful. If you don’t have any idea on how to succeed in your business and are looking for a step by step plan to make it real, you will learn it here.

It will be the most time you invested in your success throughout your entire life as an entrepreneur or a sales superhero. Before we’re going into the details you need to understand that to make yourself outstanding, you need to change your behavior and habits. And if you’re ok with this statement, everything else you need to succeed - is in this course.

Establishing a Brand using digital marketing

If we’re going to build an empire - it all starts from the focus. How can we focus in a specific area and become a well-known specialist? Usually when you’re in the supermarket looking for Coke there is no question for you what to choose, right? The same thing here, become an important influencer in your niche and buyers will stick to you like a glue.

But how can we actually position ourselves on the market and achieve a recognizable branding that will separate us from the competition? The main problem other real estate companies are facing these days when it comes to branding is that everyone is now using the same approach to be the best, but this strategy will never work.

To make yourself outstanding, you need to change your behavior and habits - the same approach works with branding. What can we do to make our organization and properties we’re selling interesting for potential buyers? And here we need to return back to the beginning of this chapter, it’s all about focus. Let’s start from diving deep into your positioning and wind a small niche where you can dominate. This is the secret of success when it comes to a strong brand. Just occupy the very specific area under your industry and be the best. Ok, I can find a small niche, but how can we be the best you’re asking yourself. It’s very simple - get influencers to speak about you. Go and do research on the market, who are the most famous influencers. Then find a topic that can be interesting for them to speak about and create online or even in-person events with them. By hosting these events your brand will become famous rapidly and this tactic doesn’t require big investments, which is incredible compared to the classical paid acquisition methods everybody is using today.

Creating an impression of your product.

What is the reason people are interested in properties in the first place? It’s all because of the quality of photos or videos of these properties. By hiring a professional videographer who will be able to shoot a drone video, you will attract buyers from the first impression. This is a no-brainer when it comes to the return on your investment. This first step towards property video success is ensuring you have needed quality.

You may have been encouraged to just jump into video and not worry so much about production quality. For the real estate industry it is important that your marketing videos look polished and perfected. This industry is all about aesthetics. If a property is not visually pleasing, then you are not going to have much luck getting it off the market. Video is not just an off-the-cuff strategy to throw together and implement quickly. It takes time to plan the types of videos you want to create, how you’re going to film and edit your videos, where you’re going to place them, etc. Before diving into video, take the time to strategize.

Identify the videos you want and the videos you need. Figure out how to prioritize producing those videos. Develop a detailed plan for how to promote the videos. The video production process itself can involve many steps, like scripting, lighting, sound, or editing. Planning will help all of these components come together in a reasonable time frame. Do some research and make a plan to tackle your video goals head on. Buying or selling a property is such a personal experience. Not only is the process financially significant, but it is also emotionally involved.

People often act with their emotions, this is why you need to get into the habit of storytelling. Emotional appeal is by far the most effective strategy to win over your client’s heart. Thinking beyond the apartment or home is critical for real estate marketers. It’s important to remember that you’re selling the location just as much as the features of the property. This shouldn’t be forgotten in your videos. Not only does this video sell the luxury of the building, but it also sells the big city lifestyle! With beautiful views of the city skyline, this video sells a city rather than just a property.

Benefits of CRM system for marketing and sales

Ok, let’s imagine you already have a solid brand and great content. Buyers are knocking at your door and you already forgot all the contacts you promised to call back last week. How can we improve our contact management system and keep track of all interactions with every person? You need to integrate the CRM system into your business to have a much better sales and marketing processes.

This is a foundation of your performance, a CRM system can skyrocket your productivity and make each conversation with your prospects or clients meaningful to them. Each agent needs to create new opportunities every single day and to have a better understanding of who they are going to speak with you need to have a centralized system.

If you don’t know how to implement a system yourself - hire a consultant to help with this task. Already got a CRM system in place and want to learn more how to get the maximum out of it? Let’s start from the beginning.The best CRM for a real estate business is a platform that your sales team can start using even for free and then you can move to the paid plan only when it will be needed. By choosing a proper CRM system, you’re choosing a software which can drive better return on your investment when it comes to marketing and sales team expenses.

To start implementing CRM into your business, at first upload all leads and contacts (customers) to the system. After it is done, every single member of your team needs to start adding more information about all records (leads and contacts) in their pipeline. By adding more info you will see how these records become more valuable to you. Each record will have a picture with a face, contact info and logs of all previous conversations.

Time management for a better productivity

You want to do everything today? Or planning to do it tomorrow? This approach will never work. Let’s learn basic things about how to manage your time properly. To become a top performer in your company you need to write a step by step plan with all calculations on how you are going to achieve It. Planning is the first, the best, and most proven of all time management techniques. Firstly, because it helps to properly organize your work. Secondly, because it gives you a detailed insight into all the things you need to do. If you can plan your daily, weekly, or monthly tasks, the rest comes easily.

There are many ways to plan and organize your work: Fancy calendars and personal organizers, Time management apps and tools, To-do-lists, Post-it-notes, notepads, bullet, journals, and other paper forms of time managers. You can mix, combine. and adjust different options to master your time management. Set goals and you will exactly know which direction you’re heading to. Goals are part of the organizational process and they are extremely important in time management. To take advantage of any time management technique, the key is specificity when setting goals. Break down bigger visions into monthly targets to hit.

For example, if you’ve decided to sell 10 properties this year and your goal for the semester is making X amount of money in revenue, this month’s targets might be closing 1 sale, hiring an agent to help with sowings, and finding a marketing channel with a lower cost of acquisition than your current one. Build a simple sheet on paper and put a goal to one slot. Now calculate how much effort you need to do to reach each of these goals.

Establishing negotiation skills

Be polite and be courteous, because the negotiation process should be an enjoyable experience. Start using the right timing and be able to remain calm and respectful, it will only assist the process towards achieving a positive result for all parties. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Successful negotiators are assertive and challenge everything – they know that everything is negotiable. Being assertive means asking for what you want and refusing to take NO for an answer.

The most popular word in the English language (or any other language for that matter) is “I”. Therefore it stands to reason that most people love hearing themselves talk. Communication is imperative in any negotiation. Negotiators search for that one point that will bring the two parties together and create a platform for a result. Good negotiators ask probing questions and then listen. The other party will tell you everything you need to know – all you have to do is listen. Follow the 90/10 Rule – listen 90% of the time, talk 10 % of the time. Ask lots of open-ended questions, sit back, relax, listen and you’ll be amazed at what you hear.

Always be willing to walk away and never negotiate without options. If you rely too much on the positive outcome of a negotiation, you lose your ability to say NO. When you say to yourself, “I will walk if I’m unable to secure a negotiation that is satisfactory,” the other side perceives that you mean business. Your resolve will force them to make concessions. If you don’t consider the option of walking away, you may be inclined to cave in to the other side’s demands simply to make a deal.

Concessions. Whenever you give something away, receive something in return. It’s the give and take principal or I’ll do this if you do that.” When you give something away without requiring the other party to reciprocate, they will feel entitled to your concession, and won’t be satisfied until you give up even more. If they have to earn your concession, they will derive a greater sense of satisfaction than if they received it for nothing. Don’t take the issues or the other person’s behaviour personally. Rogue or inexperienced negotiators fail due to taking comments from either party personally. Should the negotiation start to derail then it is imperative that you try to understand their behaviour as the behaviour may be unrelated to the process.

Building a strong Sales Team

Build a great sales team starting from self-development and becoming a great in sales at first, since nobody else can be a better closer for your real estate company then you. After you will master the negotiation process, you will be able to hire other agents to create new opportunities by filling the pipeline of qualified leads for your organization.

Already got a team and need to improve it? Make it the routine of your squad. Put your Daily goals to the front, perform weekly sales meetings and review monthly stats and Analyze it. By constantly working on the performance of the sales department you will succeed. To build a great sales team you need to start with self-development to become a great salesperson at first. Then you will be able to hire great sales people who are going to open new opportunities for your business.

If you’re not a sales person and can’t be, so you just need to hire a consulting firm to help with HR related tasks such as recruitment and professional training. The company I work for is providing these services. If you already have a team and you want to constantly continue improving it - make it your routine. Daily goals, Weekly sales meetings and Monthly Stats and Analysis will help to succeed 100%. Want to know exactly how it works, reach me by following the link in my bio. Training a sales team starting from setting daily goals to the front, performing weekly sales meetings and reviewing monthly stats and analyzing it. By constantly working on the performance of the sales department you will succeed.

Each and every agent in your team needs to create new opportunities every single day by filling the pipeline of qualified leads for your product or service. Make it the routine of your squad. To build a great sales team for your organization you need to start with becoming a great salesperson at first. Only then you can hire an agent who is going to open new opportunities for your business. If you already have a team and you want to improve it - make daily goals, schedule weekly sales meetings and analyze monthly stats to succeed.

Improving the quality of our service

Exceptional real estate professionals are proactive and anticipate client needs and questions. It’s an uncertain time and purchasing a house is a big financial investment. Encourage your team to get to know clients, to find out what’s important to them and to strive to deliver above their expectations. Going above and beyond shows a client they’re important and valued – and this drives loyalty, referrals and agent/client relationships that can last a lifetime.

Clients appreciate an upfront and honest real estate agent. If there are going to be delays, ensure clients know so they can prepare for that. If the property requires attention to get the best possible selling price, be honest about what improvements would help to expedite the sale.

Help your clients understand what’s required for showings in today's world, so you can ensure compliance with government regulations at this challenging time. Ensure your team is regularly briefed on pertinent changes to today's best practices.

Buying and selling a home can be an incredibly stressful time. Ensure your team takes the time to go through the selling process in detail with clients, especially first-time buyers. To maximize efficiency, you can work with your agents to prepare resources which can be distributed to clients at different stages of the customer journey. You might create informative videos, which can be emailed to clients and viewed at their leisure. FAQ documents or other written guides can also be effective.

Remind your team to answer the phone fast. If they can’t, they should return calls quickly, so that clients feel valued. Real estate isn’t a 9 to 5 job, so ensure your agents are prepared for some after-hours inquiries to make the sale. You might also consider offering flexible work practices to your team, including working-from-home arrangements, rotating days off or other incentives.

Look for opportunities to set your company’s customer success apart from your competitors. Encourage your real estate team to come up with new and innovative ideas to ensure your clients are well looked after. Whether it’s a thoughtful gift, sponsorship of a local sports team, or providing the client’s family dog with a special treat, encourage your agents to create positive and long-lasting memories for clients.

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