CEO Advisory

How the CEO Advisory can help high tech startups thrive:

The CEO Advisory allows you to learn how to continually deliver a good number of qualified leads to your marketing team. It also helps to become an expert in the prospecting of part of a sale, to set up meetings and demonstrations, to optimize the marketing strategy, and to practically recognize sales opportunities. This expertise is essential to the success of every organization.If you’re operating a start-up or early-stage company, at what point did you require a CEO?


Maybe your organization has experienced recent growth, a Merger and Acquisition (M&A) or founder disagreements, resulting in the search for an interim CEO. It could also be that your current CEO may require an extra skill set or investment in leadership development in order to meet your company and employees’ ever-changing needs.

All of these stages are markers of progress or indicators of change but as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), life at the top can be a very lonely place. Admitting to the need for outside help may result in an unjust label of weakness but should be looked at instead as an opportunity to take you and your business to the next level.

Have a look at your own organization…do any of these scenarios seem familiar to you?

  • Start-up: Time to move the company out of the garage.

    You’re a founder and/or inventor who has outgrown their skill set (and office space) and is seeking outside help to manage your growing business needs.

  • Vacancy: An elongated search for a replacement CEO.

    Your corporation is looking for more than just a placeholder but they can’t keep things running smoothly without a leader at the helm.

  • Growth: Support services provided on a part-time basis.

    Your organization requires attention as it expands but lacks the resources for a full-time CEO.

  • Mentoring: A relationship with a seasoned expert to expedite your progress.

    You’re an established CEO who requires a jumpstart or guidance to chart your next course of action and are seeking a fresh set of eyes and independent third party to provide advice.

  • Skill Enhancement: Providing specific counsel to an existing CEO.

    You belong to an innovative Board of Directors looking to equip their CEO with the tools for business success.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Specific integration experience.

    Your corporation understands that the integration process of human capital is as important as the physical operations themselves.

  • Scalability: Facilitating 10X growth.Scalability: Facilitating 10X growth.

    Your company rejects the status quo and is looking to accelerate their growth – exponentially.