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About Our Company


We combine the discipline and insights of management experts with the practicality of sales training to deliver impactful programs that move the needle quickly.


Our approach is centered around creating tailored sales performance solutions for businesses who seek a smarter approach to sales.

We leverage structure, process and teach functional techniques to help drive measurable results for sustained growth. With our training program, your sales team will drive consistent, high-quality meetings with target prospects and will improve the quality of interactions and closings within the sales process.

We’re a sales assistant company that builds organized teams. Our strategy focuses on providing solutions for companies seeking a smarter sales approach.


A firm’s organization leverages framework, processes and teaches practical methods helping to achieve measurable outcomes for sustained growth.

You will find a variety of services such as SDR Training, Sales Consulting/Coaching, Marketing Strategy, etc. Learn from an expert you can rely with in-field experience growing top sales professionals over the last 10+ years.

What we do

Shapiro’s Team is intended to assist clients in learning how to generate additional leads and creating income.

We have a customized sales development approach with documented procedures, strategies, and specific terminology to strengthen core concepts. Sales development leaders and SDRs are provided with a reference source to help them understand how to play their role at a high level.


The primary focus of our coaching is to demonstrate successful approaches to each objective you may have. As you take the next step in your skills and efficiency, the focus gears towards training you in preparation for further advanced roles.

Personalized sales coaching will teach the representatives which questions to ask, and the steps needed to generate more revenue.


   Using our customized sales development expertise and framework, managers learn to help their team build a positive curve when it comes to sales performances. They learn to mentor their teams to consistently evolve and develop by problem-solving.



The outcome is a team that is more self-aware, self-reliant, and professionals who help achieve company’s objectives and create a community that values feedback and encourages self-motivation. This training equips sales managers with the method, expertise, and resources required to strengthen learning, impact sustainable behavioral improvement and optimize outcomes.